Steering Alignments

When there is a disconnect between the way you steer and the way your car is moving, it’s probably time to schedule a steering alignment appointment at General Automotive Servicenter.

Did you go over that speed bump too fast? Or maybe you didn’t notice a sneaky pothole? When your wheels, shocks and struts go through stressful situations like this, it may lead to skewed alignment. This means that the position of the wheels is a little off compared to the steering column. So when you are steering straight, your car may pull to the side. Improper alignment often voids the warranty on your tires, so it’s better not to delay this service.

Signs of bad steering alignment:

  • uneven tire wear
  • car pulling to one side
  • steering wheel vibration
  • steering wheel appears crooked

Besides the bad alignment, uneven tire pressure and tire and wheel damage may also cause steering problems. Our ASE certified mechanics make it a rule to investigate all possible issues before proceeding with steering alignment.

While the position of the wheels changes as a result of this procedure, what is actually being aligned is steering and suspension. Interestingly, the wheels in your car are not set to be completely straight or 100% parallel to each other and the ground. Each wheel is leaning slightly on both horizontal and vertical planes to ensure proper road handling.

Call General Automotive Servicenter at (301) 926-4600 or fill out the form below to schedule an appointment for steering alignment.

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