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When it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s fluids, you can always rely on our ASE certified mechanics to provide quality service.

Fluids and lubricants are crucial for your car’s operation, performance and safety. Old and contaminated fluids, low fluid levels or wrong fluids may lead to a variety of unpleasant consequences from component failure to accidents. Your vehicle’s various systems require a variety of fluids and lubricants to function. There is motor oil to lubricate the engine, brake fluid to make your car slow down and transmission fluid to help you shift gears. There are a few other fluids you might have never heard about, yet this doesn’t excuse you from ignoring their maintenance.

Most of these fluids circulate under high temperatures and constant pressure, which causes them to eventually break down and lose effectiveness. They may also become polluted by the small particles that break off from various parts as the fluid passes through them. Some fluids must be completely flushed and replaced at regular intervals, while others can be topped off. You don’t have to know the details—just bring your car to General Automotive Servicenter and we’ll take care of the rest!

Oil change

Oil Change

Oil change and filter replacement are the staples of vehicle maintenance. Oil lubricates all moving parts of the engine and the filter keeps oil free of debris. Subject to high temperatures, oil will eventually lose its viscosity and will have to be replaced. Most manufacturers recommend doing this every 5,000 miles, which can be once a month or once every four months depending on how much you drive. Our ASE certified mechanics can perform an oil change and filter replacement on any vehicle—and we’ll even check for leaks while we are at it!

The differential gear close-up shot

Differential Oil Replacement

Differential oil is a type of lubricant used in the differential “gearbox” to reduce friction and prevent overheating. Over time, this gear oil may become polluted with metal particles and shavings, which typically indicates wear of the differential components. Like most of your car’s fluids, differential oil should also be checked and replaced as necessary. Doing this before the first signs of performance issues will help avoid costly repairs in the future. If you have never had your differential fluid checked or replaced, schedule an appointment with General Automotive Servicenter today.


Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission fluid makes it possible for you to shift gears and it tends to reach high temperatures when you are driving. Certain driving conditions, such as long-distance trips, traffic jams or driving on a hilly terrain cause transmission fluid to heat up beyond its normal temperature range, which contributes to the fluid breakdown. Transmission fluid has to be flushed and filter replaced at certain intervals, depending on your car’s make and model, mileage and your typical commute. If you notice that your car is slow or rough at shifting gears, it’s time for a transmission fluid flush.


Brake Fluid Flush

Brake fluid is essential for the effectiveness of your brakes—it engages the brake pads, pushing them against the rotors, which makes your car stop. Over years of heavy use, brake fluid becomes contaminated with air, moisture and foreign particles and needs to be flushed. If you’re experiencing reduced brake performance and/or your brake fluid wasn’t changed over the past 30K miles and is visibly black, bring your car to General Automotive Servicenter. We will use products recommended by your car’s manufacturer and replace 100% of your old brake fluid.


Cooling System Flush

Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for preventing the engine from overheating. It works by circulating the coolant (50/50 mixture of water and antifreeze) through the engine to absorb heat. The hot coolant from the engine is also used to heat the air when you use heating. Over time, coolant picks up contaminants, such as rust and scale, which can clog and damage system’s components. Come to General Automotive Servicenter to get your cooling system flushed, cleaned and refilled with a fresh coolant mixture.


Refrigerant Recharge

Refrigerant (freon or R-134a) shouldn’t be confused with coolant. Refrigerant is used in your car’s cooling system to maintain cool air, while coolant is used to cool the engine. Under ideal circumstances, you shouldn’t have to refill or replace the refrigerant. However, if there is a leak, the freon level will slowly go down, causing the cold air to feel warmer than usual. You may also smell a sweet scent from the evaporating refrigerant. At General Automotive Servicenter, we can fix the leak and then recharge the refrigerant by draining it, filtering out impurities and topping off with fresh freon.

car steering wheel

Power Steering Fluid Flush

Power steering fluid is what makes it possible for you to turn the wheel with minimal effort. As years go by and steering system components wear and tear, the fluid may become contaminated with metal shavings and foreign particles. Because the power steering fluid is constantly under pressure, these particles may eventually cause damage to the seals and other system components, leading to leaks and premature part failure. Power steering fluid should be flushed and replaced every three to four years to ensure longevity of the entire system.

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