Heating & A/C Repair

When the heating or AC doesn’t work in your car, it’s often a big inconvenience. No one likes getting to work sweaty or chilled to the bones, especially if you have to sit in traffic. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer any longer—just bring your car to General Automotive Servicenter and we will give you back your sense of comfort.

The HVAC system in your vehicle consists of multiple components, such as an evaporator, condenser, blower compressor, refrigerant (freon) and a multitude of tubes going from part to part. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong: motors burn out, fluids leak and sensors fail. Heating and cooling issues can occur simultaneously or you may experience problems with one at a time. Regardless of the problem, you can expect our mechanics to:

  • Test all components to determine lapses in HVAC performance
  • Isolate faulty components and perform repair or replacement
  • Recharge refrigerant as needed
  • Test for leaks and fix them
  • Improve air circulation in the cabin
  • Ensure optimal cabin temperature control

Here are some of the heating and cooling repair services we perform:

car air conditioner repair

AC Repair

If your vehicle blows cold air from the vents intermittently, doesn’t produce cold air at all or operates with noise, this could indicate a malfunction of the automotive air conditioning system. There could be multiple causes of AC issues, including loose connections, leaky hoses, a failing compressor, a damaged compressor belt or poor refrigerant pressure. Our ASE certified mechanics will inspect all of these AC system components and suggest necessary repairs. The fix could be as easy as refilling the refrigerant or it might require component replacement.

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Heating Repair

While AC problems can be somewhat addressed with an open window, there is no immediate remedy for heating issues. They also pose a safety risk when your defroster fails to ensure visibility through your rear window or your breathing keeps fogging up the windshield. If you can’t get enough (or any) heat from your heating system, these issues could be indicative of a clogged or leaking heater core or a busted blower motor. These faulty parts will have to be replaced, which should be done by an experienced mechanic like our techs at General Automotive Servicenter.

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