Exhaust System Repair

Your car’s exhaust system has three important functions: it reduces pollution, reduces noise and improves engine performance. When any of the system components fail, all three of these functions suffer and your car may become undrivable.

At General Automotive Servicenter, we provide complete inspection, diagnostics and repair of your vehicle’s exhaust system that cover such thing as:

  • Analysis of exhaust gases for adherence to Maryland emissions standards
  • Diagnosis and repair of emissions issues
  • Oxygen sensor replacement
  • Exhaust system leak detection and repair

Here are some of the exhaust system repair services we perform:

Catalytic converter

Catalytic Converter Repair

The catalytic converter is one of the costliest parts in the exhaust system to replace. Its job is to convert harmful exhaust gasses into non-harmful gasses. Like a muffler, it’s prone to rusting and is also affected by the temperature and composition of the gasses that pass though it. Faulty exhaust valves and plugs may pass gasses that are hotter than normal, making the converter overheat. Over time, carbon and other byproducts of burning fuel may accumulate and clog up the converter, leading to various car performance issues. A failing converter will cause you to fail the emissions test. Get in touch with us if you think your catalytic converter is in need of repair.


Muffler Repair

A muffler is the final piece of your vehicle’s exhaust system—it cancels out the noise made by the passing gasses and also directs them away from the car. Without a muffler, your car would be very loud and you would risk exhaust gasses seeping into the cabin. Because the muffler is located on the underside of your car, it’s exposed to the elements and prone to rusting. Rust can damage the muffler’s internal components, cause the muffler to leak or even fall off at the seam. If your car’s exhaust has become louder or you hear persistent rattling from the muffler, bring your car to us for muffler repair or replacement.

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Exhaust Manifold Repair

Exhaust manifold is a set of pipes that can either be separate or joint in a single cast iron assembly. Its purpose is to direct the combustion gases from engine’s cylinders through the exhaust system. The most common problem with exhaust manifolds is leaks, which can be dangerous because the escaping hot gasses can melt the surrounding engine components. Leaks happen if the exhaust manifold is cracked or one of the connecting bolts breaks or becomes loose. When repair isn’t a viable option, our experienced mechanics can safely replace your car’s exhaust manifold.

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