Engine Repair

No one wants to see that “check engine” light on their dashboard or come to a repair shop with a hard start problem and find out about a failing engine. Engine issues can break the bank, but before you give up on your car, bring it to General Automotive Servicenter and we might be able to work out a less costly solution.

Both gasoline and diesel engines are very complex and differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The one thing is always true—you don’t want to ignore engine issues and put away repairs. What may cost you a couple hundred dollars today may become a thousand-dollar problem in a week, not to mention the possibility of getting stranded in the middle of your commute. If you hear odd noises from underneath the hood or experience sudden engine start or performance issues, bring your car to General Automotive Servicenter right away. Hopefully, it’s nothing serious, but even if your car’s engine is in trouble we might be able to help without emptying your bank account.

Here are some of the engine repair services we perform:

car engine and diagnostic computer for auto electronics

Engine Diagnostics

General Automotive Servicenter has over 30 years of experience diagnosing and fixing a variety of engine problems. Our ASE certified mechanics don’t just plug in a code reader and shower you with tech jargon—we take the time to research each issue, run additional tests and look up information on active recalls and technical service bulletins. When we are finished, you will get a detailed explanation of the issues, as well as our recommendation and estimate for repair. Sometimes, part replacement might be cheaper than repair, and we’ll be sure to point that out in our estimate to save you money.

alternator belt on the car

Belt Replacement

There are several belts in a typical car engine that help transfer power and keep synchronicity between various engine components. In the majority of cars, a timing belt drives the water pump, and a serpentine belt (or v-belt in some cars) runs between the crankshaft, power steering, alternator and AC. Both belts should be replaced before they get a chance to snap, which may lead to more expensive repairs. The telltale sign of an expiring or poorly adjusted belt is a loud squeaky noise coming from underneath the hood when you drive, accelerate or as soon as you start your car.

car engine

Cylinder Repair

Cylinders are an important part of your car’s engine—they are essentially combustion chambers that convert fuel into energy used to move your car. Cylinders are located in a cylinder block and are closed on top with a cylinder head. A cracked cylinder block and/or poorly sealed cylinder head are some of the problems that may lead to an engine misfiring, overheating or poor vehicle performance. Thankfully, a problem with one cylinder doesn’t mean that all of them are compromised. The sooner you take your car to our repair shop, the greater the chances of limiting the damage.


Engine Replacement

Whether your car has been in a collision, it’s been getting old and losing its power and efficiency, or any number of other reasons, an engine replacement can help restore your vehicle’s performance. A failed or damaged engine doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new car—if you like your current ride, why not keep it for a few more years with a remanufactured engine from Jasper Engines and Transmissions? At General Automotive Servicenter, we can replace most models of diesel and gasoline engines. Want to know your options after an engine failure? Contact us today and let’s talk!

Car Keys in Ignition Keyhole

Ignition System Repair

The ignition system is responsible for igniting fuel in the cylinders as you turn the key in the starter. If any of its components malfunction, you will experience difficulty or failure to start the car, noises and misfiring from the engine, as well as the “check engine” light coming on. Some of the problems with an ignition system may include a faulty distributor rotor and cap, expired spark plugs and spark plug wires, or a bad ignition coil or ignition switch. Unfortunately, difficulty starting the car can be related to a number of other issues—bring your vehicle to us and we’ll be happy to investigate.

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