Axle/Drive Shaft Repair

Axle and drive shaft assembly helps bring your car’s wheels in motion. While it doesn’t need ongoing maintenance, it could use occasional inspection and repair that General Automotive Servicenter will be happy to provide.

Drive shafts and axle shafts are essential components of your vehicle’s drive train. Because these parts undergo a lot of movement, they may eventually wear out, making it necessary to repair or replace. Additionally, if you made custom modifications to your car’s suspension, you could have unknowingly changed drive shaft position, causing it to wear out faster.

Like most of your vehicle’s components, drive and axle shafts are tough, yet delicate in the way they are installed and balanced. That’s why it’s worth having a professional mechanic like our guys at General Automotive Servicenter handle drive shaft repair and replacement.

Here are some of the axle and drive shaft repair services we perform.

Hydraulic Drive Shaft

Drive Shaft Repair

A drive shaft is a cylindrical rod located in the middle of rear-wheel drive cars between the transmission and the rear axle shaft. It is designed to transmit the power generated by the engine to the rear of the vehicle. A four-wheel drive vehicle may have two drive shafts, while front-wheel drive cars have “half-shafts.” Like any other part in your vehicle, drive shaft may suffer from wear and become damaged, which you may notice by the clunking noise during shifting or acceleration, unusual vibrations or squeaking. Whenever possible, our mechanics will perform drive shaft repair, but replacement might be a safer option in some cases.


Axle Shaft Repair

Axle shafts, also known as CV axles and half shafts, make it possible for the car’s wheels to turn by carrying the rotation momentum from the transmission. An axle shaft consists of several components: a metal pole, CV joints and boots that contain grease. If boots get torn, the grease leaks out and CV joints eventually fail due to poor lubrication, causing the entire axle shaft to wear out. General Automotive Servicenter offers axle shaft repair that may include replacement of one or more assembly components. However, in the case of a heavily damaged axle, a replacement of the entire shaft might be necessary.

CV Joint Inspection

CV Joint Repair

CV (constant velocity) joints are located on each end of the axle shaft. With two axle shafts in a front-wheel drive vehicle, that’s a total of four CV joints. Outer CV joints that connect the axle shaft to the wheel tend to wear out first because they experience more movement. A CV joint is only as good as the boot that protects and lubricates it—a failed boot is the most common issue with CV joints. If you are noticing popping or clicking noises when turning or vibration when accelerating, these could be the symptoms of a failing CV joint. Typically, when symptoms become evident it’s too late for boot replacement and the entire CV joint needs to be replaced, which General Automotive Servicenter will gladly assist you with.

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