Why Won’t My Car Windows Go Up?

June 22, 2017
Category: Electrical System Repair

The first car power windows appeared in the 1940’s as an alternative to manual, hand-cranked windows. Over time, these electric windows, which had previously been sold as luxury add-ons, have become the standard for new cars. Electric windows in cars are extremely convenient, until they break down.

why wont my car window go up?

4 Reasons Why Your Power Windows Won’t Work

Cars with electric-powered windows can experience a multitude of problems. Here are four main reasons why you might need car window repair:

1. Blown Fuse

A blown fuse is a common cause of a window being stuck. If a window won’t go up, and the other three windows of your vehicle are experiencing the same problem, then a blown fuse is likely.

This does not mean that all electronics in your vehicle will stop working, as most modern cars will have many fuses—one might cover audio and speaker systems, another might control windows and lights.

This problem can be fixed quickly by replacing the fuse. Bring your vehicle into a local Gaithersburg, MD electrical system repair shop and have a trained technician not only replace the fuse but also research the cause of the blown fuse to prevent further damage.

2. Corroded Wiring

Corroded wiring is also a common cause of power windows not opening, and this is particularly true for older vehicles. In older cars, trucks, and vans, rust and corrosion can result in water entering the inside of the vehicle.

As water moves around the inside, it causes rust and carries dirt. Wiring can be damaged over time, shorting out because of the presence of water and becoming corroded by dirt.

If you notice that a window won’t go up, and that it has been getting progressively worse over weeks or months, it’s possible that wiring is exposed and has started corroding. This is one repair which would be best to leave to a professional auto electrical systems mechanic in Gaithersburg, MD to prevent harm to yourself or further damage to your vehicle.

3. Broken Window Motor

A motor powers the movement of a window pane. When you push the window button on the car door, it turns the motor and moves the window pane upwards. If a single window is not working properly, and you can hear movement when you flick the switch, then it is possible that the motor has broken.

A motor can burn out if it is under too much pressure, but it can be quickly replaced and your window returned to working order. If you’re not comfortable with replacing your window’s motor, bring your vehicle to a vehicle electrical system mechanic for their help.

4. Window Pane Fallen Off Track

Window panes are kept within tracks. When a motor is activated, the window pane moves up or down on the track, allowing it to fit neatly into the top of the car window frame.

If a car has been driving over bumpy services, or if the suspension is not working properly, then it is possible that the window will fall off track. This means that the motor will continue working, but the window will be unable to move up or down.

Electric Power Window Servicing

The convenience and benefits of power windows in a car far outweigh the occasional inconvenience of repair. Fortunately, whether the problem is a blown fuse, corroded wiring, a broken motor, or a window pane that is off its track, broken power windows can be repaired quickly.

If you are struggling with an electric car window that won’t go up, General Automotive Servicenter of Maryland can provide you with a quick diagnosis and quality Maryland car electrical repair services. For more information, give General Automotive a call at 301-926-4600 or fill out the form on our website, today!

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